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QTP Descriptive Programming Unplugged book review should begin with the author names - Anshoo Arora and Tarun Lalwani. Anshoo Arora works as a Test Architect and his favourite tool is HP QTP. Tarun Lalwani is a Test Automation Architect and the author of two best books on QTP: QTP Descriptive Programming Unplugged and And I thought I knew QTP. Both authors have extensive real life experience in Test Automation.

The book leads QA Engineer from the basic concepts of Object Identification, to the practical solutions and accompanied by well annotated real life examples. It is a great resource for those test automation specialists who have experience developing or maintaining HP QTP test automation frameworks and must have for anyone who is testing using QTP.

The book also covers Descriptive Programming, Object Repositories, identifying and interacting with objects using the HTML DOM and CSS, programmatic Web Service testing concepts in depth and explains some of the surely groundbreaking solutions in which these can be used for Object Identification and Test Implementation. The books would definitely useful for the testers who may be encountering challenges with Object Identification

The book is recommended for QA Engineers who use HP QTP or Business Process Testing and assumes that the reader has basic knowledge of both HP QTP and VBScript.

Techical Book Details:

Title: QTP Descriptive Programming Unplugged: Master Object Identification Techniques
Authors: Tarun Lalwani, Anshoo Arora and Vicki Watson
Pages: 480
Print ISBN 13: 978-0983675921 ; ISBN 10: 0983675929

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