QTP Interview Questions 19: Where to download HP QTP 9.5

  1. Go to 'HP QuickTest Professional software' page (search it in Google)
  2. Click on HP QuickTest Professional 9.5 Evaluation link
  3. Register for the HP BTO Software Download Center
  4. Download free HP QPT 9.5 Evaluation

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wmalfese@peoplepc.com said...

I am using the Windows Vista Home Premium operatimg system. When I initiate the download, HP indicates it is donwloading to a file on my PC, but no file is started on my PC. I am seeing the same complaint on various QTP blogs from various people. Can you please investigate?


File name: T6510-15059.iso
Specification: DVD, QTP 9.5 English (T6510-15059.iso)
File size: 1212 MB
URL: T6510-15059.iso

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