HP QTP Interview Question 24: Winrunner vs QTP comparison?

This interview question was very popular not long ago among interviewers and in many cases looked like: explain the major differences between WinRunner and QTP, compare WinRunner and QTP. If you expect I would provide now detailed comparison of Winrunner and HP QTP or you have to compare these automation tools by technologies, supported environments and so on during your interview for Quality Assurance Engineer postion, you are completely wrong. My answer on this interview question would be - HP WinRunner is dead and it doesn't make sense to compare QTP vs Winrunner or SilkTest vs Winrunner any more for anyone. As an interviewer I would rather interested in your approach on migrating WinRunner test scripts to QuickTest Professional test scripts.


Anonymous said...

I would say it is funny, but timely correct answer on QTP vs WinRunner comparasion.

Anonymous said...

This is really funny Statement.any one can explain me for this Answer.

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