Interview question 10: How to automate testing of Adobe Flex applications?

Adobe Flex automation package includes support for with HP Quick Test Pro (QTP) 9.1 tool. Flex plug-in for QTP allows recording, play back interactions with Flex applications and setting check points to verify the application state. QA Engineer should remind to Flex developer, that there are popular techniques that developer can utilize to construct Flex applications as test friendly as possible. One of the most important errands that developer can complete is to make sure that objects are identifiable in the HP QTP testing tool's scripts. This means that developer should set the value of the id property for all controls that are tested, and ensure that you use a meaningful string for that id property. If QA Engineer can use unique IDs for each control, the HP QuickTest Pro testing scripts are more readable, executable and maintenance is easy


Anonymous said...

I am a potential customer thinking of buying QTP 9.5 version. I was able to download the version QTP 9.5 and was able to do test run too. The UI was build with flex 3.0. I encountered some difficulties when recording and playing back. I will list down the problems that faced:

1. After installing the trial version of QTP 9.5 with all the necessary plug-ins and tried to record. When recording the QTP did not identified the objects on the Flex UI as expected, where it will not allow me to play back.
2. Message boxes are identified by QTP tool when recording, but when it is play back there was an error displayed.

Appreciated if I can get a quick response since I need to make a decision within the next 2 days so that I can proceed with the purchasing of the license.
Thanks & Best Regards

QTP said...

I would recommend to contact HP technical support

Anonymous said...

IE 7 is not supported yet. Roll back to IE 6 and call Adobe Helpdesk and bug them when this will get fixed.

Franklyn said...

You may need to compile the application source code with swc files.. so that qtp will identify the objects properly.

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