QTP Interview question 1: What is the latest version of QuickTest Professional?

The Mercury Interactive has announced Quick Test Professional 9.0 as part of Mercury Quality Center 9.0 in April 2006. The company considers QuickTest Pro 9.0 as replacement for WinRunner 8.2 and will phase out the latest sooner or later for customer satisfaction. The next version QTP 9.1 appeared in QA world in September 2006 after HP's acquisition of Mercury Interactive.

The following account of the history of automated testing tool till would be interesting for training purposes and of course can be used for resume review for all QA Engineers looking for job.

July, 2000 - Astra QuickTest Pro 4.0
January, 2001 - Astra Quickest Pro 5.0
In September, 2003 - Quick Test Pro 6.5 lost Astra as part of name and became part of Mercury Quality Center.
October, 2005 - Quick Test Pro 8.2
April 2006 - Quick Test Pro 9.0
September 2006 - Quick Test Pro 9.1
January 2008 - HP QTP 9.5
February 2009 - HP QTP 10.0
October 2010 - HP QTP 11 as HP Functional Testing 11


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