HP QTP Interview Question 20: How to build automation framework around HP QTP 9.5?

I've been planning to create up some tips on QA interview for Senior QA Engineer a good long time now. I keep putting it off, because it's going upset almost every interviewee. Why? Because you cannot just read some blog about interview answers and pretend you have 10+ year extensive experience with HP QTP 9.5 or Silktest 2008 or any other tool, you named it.

I just considered giving out an interview tip for automation framework around HP QTP 9.5. This interview question would be definitely asked to a Senior SQA Engineer. Perhaps you never build any, in this case carefully watch the video about building a flexible and reusable framework around Selenium from Google Test Automation Conference 2007. This video as a live experience report from two people who work on the automation framework that Google has written.

Unfortunately, many of the great ideas illustrated in Selenium framework video require an object-oriented programming language to allow automated Engineers to use encapsulation, inheritance, and polymorphism. HP QTP 9.5 does not allow us to do this - VBScript is object based rather than fully object oriented.

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