HP QTP Interview Question 29: Where can I find HP QTP tutorial?

Actually it is not exactly HP QuickTest Professional interview question, but more associated with HP FAQ. Anyway as I understood, HP policy on HP QTP tutorial is more or less: “take expensive QTP training class if you have any questions”. If you desperately need HP QTP tutorial, make an effort with Google search. Google return plenty of valuable outcomes for QTP tutorial search and if you are feeling lucky you can even download QTP tutorial from different sources.

Let's take a look inside HP QuickTest Professional tutorial. HP QTP tutorial is nicely divided into nine short, but comprehensive lessons. After completing QTP tutorial, you can use the skills you have learned to any website.

Lesson 1, Introducing HP QuickTest puts side by side automated and manual testing methods. It introduces the HP QTP testing process and makes acquainted you with the HP QTP user interface and the sample web site.
Lesson 2, Recording Tests tutors you how to record a test and provides an overview of the resulting Keyword View display.
Lesson 3, Running and Analyzing Tests demonstrates you how to execute a test and observe the test results.
Lesson 4, Creating Checkpoints gives explanation how to insert checkpoints to your test to validate that information in your Web site is displayed as anticipated.
Lesson 5, Parameterizing tests explains you how to parameterize your test so that you can successfully execute it on multiple sets of data.
Lesson 6, Creating Output Values instructs you how to utilize output parameters to retrieve data from any web site.
Lesson 7, Using Regular Expressions teaches you how to generate and execute a test via different regular expressions.
Lesson 8, Dividing Tests into Multiple Actions elucidates how to split your test into actions so that you can plan more professional and modular tests.
Last lesson of HP QTP tutorial, Where Do You Go from Here? Demonstrates you how to get started testing any web site and advises you where you can discover more practical information about HP QTP.

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