QTP Interview Question 2: Where can I buy any good basic or advance books on QTP?

If your company buys QuickTest Professional license from Mercury (actually from HP) then your Quality Assurance team will get QTP Tutorial - self-paced guide that educates you the fundamentals of testing your application and QTP User Guide - describes how to use QuickTest to test your applications. The User Guide provides step-by-step directions to assist you create, debug, and run tests and components, and report defects detected for the duration of the testing process.

Unfortunately even eager SQA engineer cannot get QTP book from open market and the same applies on the rival firm - Silktest book. As far as I comprehend, the HP and Borland sales strategy is the following - if you want to learn or have any issues take an expensive training course and they will give you a student guide.

A few QTP books have been released recently on market, for detailed review look at Best Books for QTP

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