Interview Question 4: Decide on QTP licenses for your organization?

If you were hired as a senior test consultant to set up a comprehensive automation environment for a large organization in California. What QuickTest Professional licenses would you recommend to buy in case the company management would like to outsource part of automation testing team to India, but in the same time they want to have an ability to work with QTP scripts in California?

QTP License

The single seat QuickTest Pro license is a tad cheaper then concurrent license and consider that as an additional expense for supporting concurrent license the organization needs to keep concurrent licence server running 24x7. On the other side in case of single seat licence the organization needs to buy license for every installed copy of QTP in California and India doubling expenses. By having concurrent license server the company would save much more on licenses, because California and India located in the different time zones and QA engineer on both sides can use the same number of test automated tools in the different time.

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