HP QTP Interview Question 31: Have you heard about HP QTP 10.0 ?

While answering on the interview question about the latest version of HP QTP, it would be worth to mention about the next version HP QuickTest Professional 10.0 also known as Atlantis. As I heard on HP Software Universe 2008, HP QTP 10.0 download will be available in the first quarter 2009. There are several new features of HP QTP 10.00 :

Enhanced HP QuickTest Pro IDE with features like TODO and tasks customized menus

Improved IntelliSense (autocompletion )- IntelliSense would understands COM objects for example HP QTP itself.

Enhanced HP QTP Reporting like export to doc and pdf formats, ability to add custom images and screen shots and capability to jump to script line from HP QTP report.

HP QTP 10.0 will support the following platforms Microsoft Vista SP1, Microsoft Windows XP SP3, Windows 2008 server and event Citrix MPF 4.5. I addition to current environments HP QuickTest Pro 10.0 will support IBM JDK 1.5, CRM 2007, Internet Explorer 8 and Firefox 3.

Check this link, if you would like to download HP QTP 10.0 new features report, but note that the size of download is around 4MB.


Anonymous said...

I thought the question was QTP in agile testing

Harika said...

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Error Description: Question was:
How would you use HP QTP 10 for an agile testing?

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