Automating Automation: HP QC 10, HP QTP 10 and Automation Framework

Automating Automation book looks at HP Quality Center deployment, customization and also its integration with HP QTP. It includes in-depth discussion on the framework and the concrete examples will help both the beginners and experts to design a robust and reliable framework. Saurabh Chandra has explained the underlying principles with widely used testing tools — HP QC, HP QTP and Selenium, that would ensure its reach to QA testers. It reveals some complicated aspects of building an automation framework that bolsters individual elements together and proposes methodology for automation infrastructure. The book is well-organized, and there is no problem to find whatever you need to help you in your day-to-day automation activities. Instead of digging through posts on various forums, you have a very good chance of finding what you are looking for in minutes.

Techical Book Details:

Title: Automating Automation: QC 10, QTP 10 and Automation Framework
Authors: Saurabh Chandra
Pages: 480
Print ISBN 13: 978-1259027819 ; ISBN 10: 1259027813

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