QTP tutorial for beginners

I want to provide the advice for beginners who want to learn QTP test automation tool. I will try to get you on the road to becoming HP QTP guru, starting with the basics and covering all of the core concepts you need to become vigorous in QuickTest Professional. I am aiming HP QTP tutorial at complete beginner who desires to learn test automation from the very beginning, software professional who needs rapidly expand QTP skills and QA Manager who eager to improve testing and coverage. I'll assume that you already have manual testing or some programming experience and know whats is HTML and DOM.

How did I get started with HP QTP? I was a manual tester and one day while looking for the testing solution I noticed a tool on a software testing market called HP QTP. I have decided to give a try by downloading QTP evaluation version and using it for several iterations on some public web site, lots of trials and errors, lots of experiments, than I brought the evaluation version to the office and presented to QA team members.

Step by step guide to learn QTP

Everyone wants to learn HP QTP and productively use this test automation tool, but not everyone knows how to begin the journey. The steps for learning HP QTP can be summarized as follows
  • Start with a basics of Quality Assurance and Software Testing
  • Learn when and why do you need to use test automation
  • Learn basics of VBScript
  • Download QTP demo version. The trial version is valid for 30 days, which should be enough to start
  • Learn basic record and replay of scripts
  • Implement some basic automation scripts
  • Learn advanced QTP concepts by buying and studying one of the best QTP books, if needed.

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Aditya Kalra said...

QTP Unplugged is the first book on QTP and it is the best seller. The writer is Tarun Lalwani. I pre-order this book in April 2009. When I got the book Tarun (author) personally called me on my mobile (not only me, but to all readers) and asked me about the book.

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