QTP phone interview questions

QA Manager conducts phone interviews during a process of identifying and recruiting talented Test Automation Engineer. Properly organized telephone interview will help eliminate inexperienced candidates who had an amazing QA Resume, but used QTP only for for recording scripts and playback. Effective Test Manager would develop a set of formal phone QA/QTP interview questions and successfully reduce the pool of totally unqualified applicants, who will be invited for in-person QA interviews and minimize the expenses and time involved in interviewing on site.

General SQA interview questions - we do not want to hire former developer for QTP Tester position and would like to know how seasoned a candidate is

Windows QA interview questions - all testers have Windows experience on their resume, they should probably encountered with this problems on a daily basis or at least know where to get an answer.
  • How do you find out all processes that are currently running?
  • How could I transfer a file from Linux server to a Windows desktop?
  • If you don't know how to do one of the above tasks, how would you find out?

SQL interview questions for testers - set of pretty lightweight questions for tester who has MS SQL, Oracle, MySQL on any other database in resume.
  • There is a tools table with columns, id, name, evaluation, training, certification
  • How do you select all records from the database table?
  • Create SQL statement to select all records named “QTP”?
  • How do you find all records with name “SilkTest, QTP or Selenium 2”?

Quick Test Professional interview questions - this is the last knowledge area to try. QA Manager should look for total vacuum in this or any other areas. Failing in any of area of knowledge, would mean that candidate will fail during on site interview.

While conducting the phone interview QA Manager should do most of the talking, or at least the driving. Quality Assurance Manager should look for specific answers, and guide the interview along until he has got the answer or decided the candidate doesn't know the answer. By the end of the phone interview, QA Manager should have a clear picture of the candidate for QTP Tester position, the accuracy of QA Resume, and most importantly whether it's worth calling the candidate into the office for a face-to-face interview with the team.

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Common QTP Interview Questions