Book Review And I thought I knew QTP

And I thought I knew QTP! book review should start from mentioned the author name - Tarun Lalwani. He is the leading expert in QuickTest Professional automation test tool and the author of author of well-known book QuickTest Professional Unplugged.

I haven’t read anything like this book before, because apparently And I thought I knew QTP! book is a first ever technical sci-fi novel which describes the technical concepts by following the story QTP Tester with several years of experience. The main character of the book is being engaged in the several quality assurance interviews for QTP Test Automation Engineer position and the book follows the hero in his interview questions and answers battle. In the same time the book has a lot of technical details useful not only for HP QTP beginners, but for an experienced users who wish to advance in the testing carrier. The book covers on various concepts of HP QuickTest Pro and provides information that is missing in QTP tutorial and documentation. I strongly believe that almost every QTP expert will exclaim after reading this book - And I thought I knew QTP!.

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