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There are a great books available about QTP and test automation. The best QTP books review is an attempt to show how the books vary greatly in quality and how broadly they cover test automation testing with HP QTP. I picked these three books because they each approach HP QuickTest Professional from a different perspective. Some books carry the introductory flavor briefly covering the development of a simple test cases with HP QTP and VBScript, while others tutor QA Tester into data driving testing and keyword driven testing, and then dig in to the more advanced tutorials like QTP frameworks design or integration of HP QTP with various external tools like Outlook, Word, Excel. In my opinion all these great books are balancing to each and could be used as QTP training tutorial for newbies in the test automation and also could definitely provide a few ideas to the experienced QA Engineer. So, with that in mind, here are my favorite three of the top QTP books.

QTP Descriptive Programming Unplugged

QTP Descriptive Programming Unplugged book review should begin with the author names - Anshoo Arora and Tarun Lalwani. Anshoo Arora works as a Test Architect and his favourite tool is HP QTP. Tarun Lalwani is a Test Automation Architect and the author of two best books on QTP: QTP Descriptive Programming Unplugged and And I thought I knew QTP. Both authors have extensive real life experience in Test Automation.

The book leads QA Engineer from the basic concepts of Object Identification, to the practical solutions and accompanied by well annotated real life examples. It is a great resource for those test automation specialists who have experience developing or maintaining HP QTP test automation frameworks and must have for anyone who is testing using QTP.

The guide also covers Descriptive Programming, Object Repositories, identifying and interacting with objects using the HTML DOM and CSS, programmatic Web Service testing concepts in depth and explains some of the surely groundbreaking solutions in which these can be used for Object Identification and Test Implementation. The books would definitely useful for the testers who may be encountering challenges with Object Identification

This new QTP book is recommended for QA Engineers who use HP QTP or Business Process Testing and assumes that the reader has basic knowledge of both HP QTP and VBScript.

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QuickTest Professional: Covers QTP 9.2, 9.5 and 10.00

This outstanding book will help any QTP user, from beginner to expert in the test automation.
With 300+ pages of material covering the topics from automation fundamental concepts and introduction to QTP, to descriptive programming and automation object model, this is the definitive reference item for heavy QTP users that want to ramp up as quickly and efficiently as possible. Broken up over 36 chapters, this book logically separates the different aspects of the test automation tool and goes right to the point on installation, configuration and integration with other products. If you started to learn QTP for the first time, this book is a must for you to own. For a thorough education, read it from the beginning to end, which may to take a few months. In the same time the book will fit the needs of every experienced QTP tester. You could also use this book as a tutorial or reference, if you like, cherry picking the many chapters, each on a specific aspect of HP QTP. Bottom line, it takes you from newbie to create test automation specialist.

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QuickTest Professional Unplugged: 2nd Edition

This books is not a beginners books and requires a basic QTP and VBScript experience or at least familiarity with HP QTP help guide. The book is not a basic tutorial for recording and replaying script in QTP. It is intended for test engineers interested in learning advanced techniques and deeply covers almost all the topics of the test automation tool which QA engineer would require to design complex QTP frameworks. The book is the most comprehensive coverage of QuickTest Professional, I have ever seen. The book divided in basic and advanced sections, its basis part covers in depth topics like data tables, actions, environment variables, checkpoints, descriptive programming, debugging, recovery scenarios, regular expressions. In advanced part the book discusses integration of QTP with various external tools like databases, MS Outlook, MS Word, MS Excel and HP Quality Center. In my opinion, the author does not disappoint at all, his deep knowledge about QuickTest Pro is obvious, he has put much effort in sharing actual experience and includes a lot of screenshots, and VBScript code examples. Not much topics are left unanswered, the book is thorough. QuickTest Professional Unplugged 2nd Edition comes with a new chapter, that covers many features that got added over the previous version of HP QTP. I definitely recommend this excellent book to anyone seeking expertise in automated testing, because the book was named the Best Automation Book in the 2nd ATI Automation Honors awards.

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QuickTest Professional Unplugged, 1st Edition

And I thought I knew QTP

The book is aimed to explain concepts and theories of test automation using QuickTest Pro. The book is not typical technical QTP guide and even doesn’t have table of contents. There are multiple reason behind doing that. The book is written in the form of technical novel and describes QA Engineer who tries to land on a new job and goes from one interview to another. The author, Tarun Lalwani, is the same tester who created QTP bestseller - QuickTest Professional Unplugged. In a new book “And I thought I knew QTP”, the writer not only explains various QTP concepts like synchronization points or autmation of Microsoft Office application, but prepares reader to handle usual interview challenges like answering on incorrect question or how to behave if an interviewee doesn’t know complete answer. This book is for everyone, beginners will able to learn basic concepts of QTP, while experienced QTP developers would enjoy the samples of the source code.

For those who have been wondering why And I thought I knew QTP! has been out of stock on for a long time. The reason is obvious that authors have been working on 2nd Edition of the book. The book will now be launched with a new name UFT/QTP Interview Unplugged 2nd Edition – And I thought I knew UFT! 2nd Edition. The book has an amazing in-depth review of UFT's new features related to QTP and must have book for every UFT/QTP tester.

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QuickTest Professional (QTP) Interview Questions and Answers

This book is for QA Engineers, QA Analysts, QA Managers and any software engineer who is interested in passing QTP interview and revisiting important features of test automation tool. In addition to detailed explanation of the step by step process for setting up HP QTP and real life examples, the book has the recommendations for best test automation practices. The book also covers the most commonly asked QTP interview questions and answers and because of this has very high resale value.

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As you probably surmised, these three books are stand out as the top HP QTP books for learning about test automation and passing HP QTP interview. The books provide a great tutorial for the absolute beginner and lead into much more advanced software test automation topics. If you have any HP QuickTest Pro book recommendations, or reviews, please post up a comment.

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