Automating Automation: HP QC 10, HP QTP 10 and Automation Framework

Automating Automation book looks at HP Quality Center deployment, customization and also its integration with HP QTP. It includes in-depth discussion on the framework and the concrete examples will help both the beginners and experts to design a robust and reliable framework. Saurabh Chandra has explained the underlying principles with widely used testing tools — HP QC, HP QTP and Selenium, that would ensure its reach to QA testers. It reveals some complicated aspects of building an automation framework that bolsters individual elements together and proposes methodology for automation infrastructure. The book is well-organized, and there is no problem to find whatever you need to help you in your day-to-day automation activities. Instead of digging through posts on various forums, you have a very good chance of finding what you are looking for in minutes.

Techical Book Details:

Title: Automating Automation: QC 10, QTP 10 and Automation Framework
Authors: Saurabh Chandra
Pages: 480
Print ISBN 13: 978-1259027819 ; ISBN 10: 1259027813

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Book Review QTP Descriptive Programming Unplugged

QTP Descriptive Programming Unplugged book review should begin with the author names - Anshoo Arora and Tarun Lalwani. Anshoo Arora works as a Test Architect and his favourite tool is HP QTP. Tarun Lalwani is a Test Automation Architect and the author of two best books on QTP: QTP Descriptive Programming Unplugged and And I thought I knew QTP. Both authors have extensive real life experience in Test Automation.

The book leads QA Engineer from the basic concepts of Object Identification, to the practical solutions and accompanied by well annotated real life examples. It is a great resource for those test automation specialists who have experience developing or maintaining HP QTP test automation frameworks and must have for anyone who is testing using QTP.

The book also covers Descriptive Programming, Object Repositories, identifying and interacting with objects using the HTML DOM and CSS, programmatic Web Service testing concepts in depth and explains some of the surely groundbreaking solutions in which these can be used for Object Identification and Test Implementation. The books would definitely useful for the testers who may be encountering challenges with Object Identification

The book is recommended for QA Engineers who use HP QTP or Business Process Testing and assumes that the reader has basic knowledge of both HP QTP and VBScript.

Techical Book Details:

Title: QTP Descriptive Programming Unplugged: Master Object Identification Techniques
Authors: Tarun Lalwani, Anshoo Arora and Vicki Watson
Pages: 480
Print ISBN 13: 978-0983675921 ; ISBN 10: 0983675929

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QTP tutorial for beginners

I want to provide the advice for beginners who want to learn QTP test automation tool. I will try to get you on the road to becoming HP QTP guru, starting with the basics and covering all of the core concepts you need to become vigorous in QuickTest Professional. I am aiming HP QTP tutorial at complete beginner who desires to learn test automation from the very beginning, software professional who needs rapidly expand QTP skills and QA Manager who eager to improve testing and coverage. I'll assume that you already have manual testing or some programming experience and know whats is HTML and DOM.

How did I get started with HP QTP? I was a manual tester and one day while looking for the testing solution I noticed a tool on a software testing market called HP QTP. I have decided to give a try by downloading QTP evaluation version and using it for several iterations on some public web site, lots of trials and errors, lots of experiments, than I brought the evaluation version to the office and presented to QA team members.

Step by step guide to learn QTP

Everyone wants to learn HP QTP and productively use this test automation tool, but not everyone knows how to begin the journey. The steps for learning HP QTP can be summarized as follows
  • Start with a basics of Quality Assurance and Software Testing
  • Learn when and why do you need to use test automation
  • Learn basics of VBScript
  • Download QTP demo version. The trial version is valid for 30 days, which should be enough to start
  • Learn basic record and replay of scripts
  • Implement some basic automation scripts
  • Learn advanced QTP concepts by buying and studying one of the best QTP books, if needed.

QTP phone interview questions

QA Manager conducts phone interviews during a process of identifying and recruiting talented Test Automation Engineer. Properly organized telephone interview will help eliminate inexperienced candidates who had an amazing QA Resume, but used QTP only for for recording scripts and playback. Effective Test Manager would develop a set of formal phone QA/QTP interview questions and successfully reduce the pool of totally unqualified applicants, who will be invited for in-person QA interviews and minimize the expenses and time involved in interviewing on site.

General SQA interview questions - we do not want to hire former developer for QTP Tester position and would like to know how seasoned a candidate is

Windows QA interview questions - all testers have Windows experience on their resume, they should probably encountered with this problems on a daily basis or at least know where to get an answer.
  • How do you find out all processes that are currently running?
  • How could I transfer a file from Linux server to a Windows desktop?
  • If you don't know how to do one of the above tasks, how would you find out?

SQL interview questions for testers - set of pretty lightweight questions for tester who has MS SQL, Oracle, MySQL on any other database in resume.
  • There is a tools table with columns, id, name, evaluation, training, certification
  • How do you select all records from the database table?
  • Create SQL statement to select all records named “QTP”?
  • How do you find all records with name “SilkTest, QTP or Selenium 2”?

Quick Test Professional interview questions - this is the last knowledge area to try. QA Manager should look for total vacuum in this or any other areas. Failing in any of area of knowledge, would mean that candidate will fail during on site interview.

While conducting the phone interview QA Manager should do most of the talking, or at least the driving. Quality Assurance Manager should look for specific answers, and guide the interview along until he has got the answer or decided the candidate doesn't know the answer. By the end of the phone interview, QA Manager should have a clear picture of the candidate for QTP Tester position, the accuracy of QA Resume, and most importantly whether it's worth calling the candidate into the office for a face-to-face interview with the team.

Book Review And I thought I knew QTP

And I thought I knew QTP! book review should start from mentioned the author name - Tarun Lalwani. He is the leading expert in QuickTest Professional automation test tool and the author of author of well-known book QuickTest Professional Unplugged.

I haven’t read anything like this book before, because apparently And I thought I knew QTP! book is a first ever technical sci-fi novel which describes the technical concepts by following the story QTP Tester with several years of experience. The main character of the book is being engaged in the several quality assurance interviews for QTP Test Automation Engineer position and the book follows the hero in his interview questions and answers battle. In the same time the book has a lot of technical details useful not only for HP QTP beginners, but for an experienced users who wish to advance in the testing carrier. The book covers on various concepts of HP QuickTest Pro and provides information that is missing in QTP tutorial and documentation. I strongly believe that almost every QTP expert will exclaim after reading this book - And I thought I knew QTP!.

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