Interview Question 5: QuickTest Professional maintenance number?

In case of seat license, QTP 9.1 maintenance number identifies the customer. The license key based on the maintenance code supplied with trial version and locking code generated on computer on which QuickTest Professional is installed.
In case of concurrent license, QuickTest Pro 9.1 maintenance number identifies the customer and how many concurrent users the license support.
The same QTP concepts applies on Winrunner maintenance number.

Interview Question 4: Decide on QTP licenses for your organization?

If you were hired as a senior test consultant to set up a comprehensive automation environment for a large organization in California. What QuickTest Professional licenses would you recommend to buy in case the company management would like to outsource part of automation testing team to India, but in the same time they want to have an ability to work with QTP scripts in California?

QTP License

The single seat QuickTest Pro license is a tad cheaper then concurrent license and consider that as an additional expense for supporting concurrent license the organization needs to keep concurrent licence server running 24x7. On the other side in case of single seat licence the organization needs to buy license for every installed copy of QTP in California and India doubling expenses. By having concurrent license server the company would save much more on licenses, because California and India located in the different time zones and QA engineer on both sides can use the same number of test automated tools in the different time.

Interview Question 3: Explain the difference between QuickTest Pro licenses?

There are two types of QTP 9.1 licenses: seat and concurrent.

The seat license is specific to the computer on which it is installed. Each installation of QuickTest Pro requires a distinct permanent license key. When QA engineer selects seat license option during initial software installation, he/she also gets a 14-day evaluation period during which the company must request a QTP license code for a permanent license from the HP/Mercury Customer Service.

The concurrent license is specific to the organization on which it is installed. Each license entitles the company to one additional concurrent user running automated testing tool. There is no limit to the number of QTP 9.1 installations around company, but a special concurrent license server regulates the number of computers that can run a copy of QuickTest Professional at any time.

QTP Interview Question 2: Where can I buy any good basic or advance books on QTP?

If your company buys QuickTest Professional license from Mercury (actually from HP) then your Quality Assurance team will get QTP Tutorial - self-paced guide that educates you the fundamentals of testing your application and QTP User Guide - describes how to use QuickTest to test your applications. The User Guide provides step-by-step directions to assist you create, debug, and run tests and components, and report defects detected for the duration of the testing process.

Unfortunately even eager SQA engineer cannot get QTP book from open market and the same applies on the rival firm - Silktest book. As far as I comprehend, the HP and Borland sales strategy is the following - if you want to learn or have any issues take an expensive training course and they will give you a student guide.

A few QTP books have been released recently on market, for detailed review look at Best Books for QTP

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